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Swimming Pools: Before and After

Posted: Jul 9, 2013 at 9:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In the early ages, people need to go to the ocean, river, or open bathhouses to take a refreshing dip into the water. However, a few years later, the Greek and Romans found a way to bring open water closer to more people. They built artificial pools and Gauis Macenas, a rich Roman Lord created the first heated swimming pool in first century BC.

Swimming pools, however, did not become popular until the middle of the 19th century. This is even after six indoor pools with driving board were built in London, England. It was the swimming competition in the 1896 Olympics that sparked widespread interest in swimming pools. After then, changes in the construction and feature of swimming pools became unstoppable.


Before, swimming pools were only made of bricks and stones. They also looked plain and boring, as rocks and tar were solely used in their construction. Moreover, most of the swimming pools in the previous years were usually square in size and lacked aesthetic appeal.

Today, however, swimming pools are very much different. They can be built in more ways depending on your preference. You can choose the materials to use and decide on what shape it would be. The tiles used in installing swimming pools can also be customized. This is to enhance the fiberglass swimming pool’s aesthetic appeal as well as the swimming experience.


Swimming pool companies continue to invent new ideas to improve the look of the traditional swimming pool. Features like fountain and sheer, industrial, or natural waterfalls can be added to create a different feel. You can also try use slate columns to surround the pool and provide a spillway. You can also decide to build an entertaining swim-up bar by using underwater bar stools or add lighting to add drama to the fiberglass pool’s overall ambiance. These extra touches will help you create a truly unique pool sanctuary.

Cleaning the pools these days are also much easier. Most people can use automatic pool cleaners to sanitize the pool without exerting too much effort.

Now, more and more swimming pool companies use high-grade materials to install pools for residential or commercial purposes. One of the most advanced swimming pools these days is fiberglass swimming pools. These are durable in-ground pools that require less maintenance than concrete and vinyl.