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Helping Your Child with Those First Steps

Baby's Shoes
Posted: May 11, 2015 at 10:47 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Baby's ShoesSeeing your baby take that first step is like witnessing a miracle unfold before your eyes. There may be tears involved. That’s fine, watching those adorably uncoordinated pitter-patters is an emotional feat for everyone. And to add to the long list of perks, you can now do what you’ve always dreamed of: baby shoes shopping!

Before you get ahead of yourself, bear in mind your baby’s feet are as delicate as your face, if not more. So don’t be blinded by the flashy, pretty shoes at the store: your baby’s feet don’t need pretty, they need support and comfort.

Here are some pointers to remember when shopping for the best baby shoes.

Look for a lightweight material.

Provide your baby’s fragile feet with shoes made from lightweight, breathable material. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the flexibility of soft leather. You can usually find this material in handmade baby shoes, which are customized to give extra support.

Check for the sole’s flexibility.

Soles have to be bendable and have ridges for better traction, lowering the risks of slipping accidents. As far as dexterity and balance, your baby is not an expert in the walking department yet, so better stay away from stiff and smooth soles AKA danger-prone shoes.

Always check the fit.

Bring your child when buying for shoes so you can check the fit. Have your baby put them on and stand up. Make sure there’s enough space to squeeze your finger between the heel of the shoes and your child’s heel. There should also be at least a thumb-span between the shoe’s front and the end of your child’s longest toe. If there isn’t, then they may be too tight. Move on!

Shop in the afternoon.

Your baby’s feet are smallest early in the morning and biggest at the end of the day. Buy shoes when they have adequately swollen up – don’t be alarmed! This is totally normal.

Yes, it would be nice to have those sparkly sneakers on your baby’s tiny feet, but in foot care and fashion, comfort is a style that will never get old.