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Ordering Chinese? Here’s How You Can Do it Even on a Diet

Chicken with broccoli
Posted: May 8, 2015 at 1:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chicken with broccoliWho can resist the zesty, interesting flavour of Black Bean sauce or the glaze of a juice Peking Duck? While Mexican and Greek food may be among the healthiest cuisines on the planet, Chinese delicacies can still fit into your diet.

When you want to eat Chinese in Brisbane, it’s important to note that there’s a lot that can be done to lower the sodium and fat you ingest with your savoury meals. Ordering the best menu items and asking for special preparations can take out the guilt and worry from your Chinese feast.

Here are the top 3 healthiest Chinese dishes you can order when you’re on a diet:

1. Steamed vegetable dumplings.

Packing only 40 calories a piece and no harmful oil or sauces straight out of the steamer, you can put light soy dipping sauce and chili flakes to add heat and minimal sodium to your appetizer. Eat only two pieces and you have lots of room to spare for the main course.

2. Chicken with Broccoli

Ask the chef to use lean chicken meat and make sure there is no skin in the dish. You can also tell the restaurant to reduce the sauce and butter used. Use chopsticks or a fork to eat this dish so you can wipe the vegetables and chicken on the plate to lessen the salty, sugary sauce you eat.

3. Veggie spring rolls

While they’re still deep-fried, cutting out all the oil from your diet is also not advisable. The best veggie spring rolls have more vegetables than wrapping. If you think eating Chinese in Brisbane restaurants uses too much wrapper, don’t order this. But, if their dish is chock-full of vegetables, this can be a crunchy alternative to the steamed veggie dumplings.

Chinese food doesn’t need to destroy your diet, especially if you’re careful about which dish you eat and how it’s cooked. Lay off too much sauce and always go for steamed or poached dishes that use the least amount of oil.