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Watch Care Guide: Caring for Your Luxury Timepieces

Premium Watch
Posted: Jul 16, 2015 at 1:19 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Premium WatchA luxury or a premium watch is a high-precision instrument that needs proper care and maintenance. Whether it is a Japanese quartz watch or a Swiss mechanical one, it needs expert attention, careful cleaning and mindful wearing to keep it in good condition.

Maintenance and care are important whether you wear men’s or women’s watches. NZ timepiece experts share a few ways to care for your premium watch.

Water Resistance

One misconception when owning a watch is assuming that it is waterproof. A wristwatch cannot be completely waterproof, as it is made of various parts, but it is water resistant. Watches have a designation on the amount of water the moisture seal can withstand. Look for the depth indicator of your watch and if does not have one, don’t take it into a shower or pool.

No Chlorine or Salt

It is not advisable to take your watch to the sea or pool even if you are a professional swimmer or diver. This is because the water contains more salt or chlorine that you wouldn’t want to expose your watch to. These elements can affect the finish of your timepiece or erode its case lining. If you need to take your watch into the water, rinse it with warm water afterwards. Note that the more expensive diver’s watches are the only watches that are safe for water activities especially out at sea.

Careful Cleaning

Clean your luxury watch using a soft or a slightly damp cloth. Don’t immerse it in hot water, as the temperature can damage the gaskets. If your watch has diamond embellishments, gently scrub them with a soapy brush. You can also wash your watch in soapy water occasionally to keep its lustre.

Expert Service

Take your timepiece to an expert every three to four years. Like any precision instrument, it needs a mechanical tune-up to keep it working properly. Having routine maintenance performed on schedule will ensure that your watch will continue to keep time accurately.

Shock Resistance Caution

Even if your watch claims to be shock-resistant, don’t just drop it to test. Manufacturers give shock resistant designations, so the watch can remain intact when dropped certain metres onto a wooden floor. How well it can cope with mechanical shocks is commonly stamped on the back of a wristwatch.

Luxury and premium watches can only last a lifetime if you take care of them. It is best to avoid extreme temperature changes that can cause condensation. If your timepiece has a leather strap, be extra mindful of moisture. If it becomes damp, let it dry before storing the watch.