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Convert Your Garage into a Home Office

Posted: Dec 12, 2016 at 2:40 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Home Office in WellingtonWith the surge of jobs that allow working from home, it now makes more sense to have a home office. Some employers allow their employees to work away from the office a few days a week. Others only hire freelancers who never go to the office.

You would probably prefer working from a coffee shop or at the beach, but that wouldn’t be practical if you had to do it every day. If you can do that, then good for you, but in case you have to work at home, you’ll need a place that offers privacy. Here are some pieces of advice.

Choose an Empty Room

If you have a room you never use, then you’re fine. All you need is for the Internet connection to reach that room, a desk and a chair and your laptop. What matters is you can close the door, so you won’t be bothered every two minutes by your kids.

Using the Garage

If you don’t have the luxury of an extra room, however, think about using your garage. This one, however, requires some converting. First, it must have enough space. It’s better if you don’t share it with a car. As the garage was not built for human occupancy, you’ll need to do some work on it.

Work on the walls and ceiling, as well as the door leading outside. They need some proper insulation. You may also need to install a window. You can’t work in the dark. It should have as much natural light as possible coming in.

Of course, now it needs a thermostat. You can use a portable heater or air cooler, but it’s better to ask Wellington electricians to install a proper heater and air conditioner. They can also install the outlet for your laptop and other appliances, such as an electric fan and a stereo. You may also want to put a coffee maker in there.

The good part about working from home is that you are never more than ten steps from your family. But there are temptations — TV, video games, slacking off with the kids during work hours — so it’s best to have a home office to help you manage your time at work.