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Bull RidingBull riding requires courage, durability, and strength because of one reason. It is considered to be the most dangerous eight seconds in rodeo sports. Bull riders need reliable, trustworthy equipment that provides high-quality protection.

If you’re looking to buy your first bull riding gear, you’ll need spurs and spur straps, bull riding boots, gloves and thongs, gear bags, bull ropes, bull rope pads and toppers, bells and bell straps, chaps, and a rodeo vest. Make sure to go for high-quality products.

If you’re still unsure of what equipment to buy, here are some tips that can help you stay protected and good-looking while bull riding for the first time.


You’ll need a good pair of lace-ups or cowboy boots for ankle support. More importantly, you’ll need footwear to attach your spurs onto its heel counters and ledge (also called lip).

As a bull rider, you’ll need spurs to keep hold of a bull. A good spur should have leather straps and sturdy 5-point rowels. The most widely used style is the roller buckle style.


Gloves help protect your hands from rope burns. Leather gloves are the best type to use.

Expert bull riders, however, recommend applying glycerin first and then rosin on the leather gloves. Glycerin helps the rosin stick faster to your gloves, while rosin helps the gloves to stick faster to the rope.


The bull rope — regarded as an essential piece of bull riding equipment — helps a rider stay on top of a bull for the full 8-seconds. It includes a handle typically made of leather that is braided to the rope.

Bull ropes are commonly categorized as American or Brazilian, with the latter preferred by expert riders.

Protective Gear

Bull riding protective gear include the helmet, chaps, and rodeo vest. The chaps help the rider to move less while on a bull. The helmet and vest meanwhile, offer protection in case the bull tries to hook or step on the rider.

Remember, all your gear should be made of durable material.