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3 Ways to Maintain a Happy, Healthy Horse

Posted: Mar 14, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Horses Eating HayA healthy horse is a happy horse. And when a horse is in tip top shape, you know it can give you the ride of your life. Keeping your horse in good shape is not as easy as it seems though, so whether you have farm horses or race horses, the following are sure to keep them happy.

1. Get the right feed.

Back in the day, people had few options when it came to a horse’s diet. Many horse owners added some oats to hay and grass so their animals can maintain a healthy weight. Today, there are many horse feed options in New Zealand. These feeds are nutritionally well-balanced for all types of horses. Takanini Feeds says that while there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the right feed, the best way to decide is to factor the following: appropriate body condition, daily caloric need, and any medical issue.

2. Keep the pasture well-maintained.

The condition of a horse pasture is important in keeping healthy and happy animals. Make sure you mow it regularly and reseed if necessary. While reseeding can be quite expensive, it can revive worn out pastures effectively. Apart from cleaning up manure, you should also make arrangements to minimise mud in the pasture. Mud, especially deep mud, can cause many problems to your animals, including tendon strains and tears, hoof abscesses, and thrush.

3. Always provide fresh water.

Just as humans need fresh, clean water for drinking, so do horses. If you don’t provide your horses with enough fresh water for drinking, the hay and grass inside their stomachs can compact. Whether you are breeding horses or not, make sure you give your animals fresh, clean water for drinking every day.

Keeping A Happy Horse

Happy horses are definitely not just pleasant to be around, but they also learn quickly and interact with humans better. Whatever type of horse you have, consider these tips on how to keep them healthy so you can enjoy the rewards of having a fine steed.