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A Student’s Survival Guide for Learning and Retaining Lessons

Posted: Apr 19, 2017 at 2:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

A student’s life is full of learning opportunities. However, if you're stressed and Students in a Classpressured at every turn, you might lose the chances given to you. Here are quick and useful ways to absorb and retain information for your upcoming classes and lessons.


Many students worry the most about taking notes while the teacher is discussing. Not all teachers speak slowly or clearly enough for you to manage to catch everything they say. Also, constant requests to repeat themselves can offend them. To avoid embarrassing and stressful moments like this, pay attention to keywords that the speaker uses, especially in context. Take note of these words, names, phrases, or ideas down and collate them. Your textbooks should have a glossary for easy researching later or Google the terms online.


Once you're able to find pages that provide you with the right information, you can then start marking the most relevant ideas regarding the subject. Dates, names, places, and themes are often integral to the subject. If computations and calculations are included, take care not to try and take all of it in without knowing how to break it down. Sometimes the processes to find the answers are more vital than the answers themselves.


Studying, much like work, is not all about finishing all your tasks and then tiring yourself out in the process. In fact, doing that on a daily basis is self-destructive and can make you lose more in learning. Scheduled breaks with games, food, and music are required, as long as you don’t overcompensate. Pizzeria Vecchia recommends ordering from a pizza place and chatting with friends and family. Energize yourself, so you can go back to work afterwards.

True, stress and challenges exist everywhere in the school setting. However, stress should take a back seat especially when you need to study. These can hopefully provide some relief so you can be a better and happier student.