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Dressing Up Your Home: Why Less is More in Interior Design

House with good interior
Posted: Jun 28, 2017 at 12:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many people today are so busy making a living that they sacrifice living a life outside of work. As a result, their only time to rest is when they get home — or so they thought. Unfortunately, there are times when even your own home doesn’t promote relaxation. One culprit might be its design.

To make you more at home, you must first appreciate simplicity. This is true when decorating your home. You have to stick to the necessities and do away with the frivolous luxuries.

An Interior That Everyone Will Love

Have you always loved the comfort that hotel rooms bring? Think about it. Hotel rooms give off an austerity and yet, you never lose the feeling of being at home. Plain wall coverings, clean cut cabinets, and clutter nowhere in sight. With these alone, you might be successful in bringing a state of simplicity to your home. Why not stick to these basics?

  • Don’t buy unnecessary decorations, fixtures, and furniture, as these will only add bulk to your space at home. This doesn’t only apply to home furnishings, but almost to everything in life. Always ask yourself: “Do I need this, and do I have enough space for it?”
  • Make more room for what matters and start decluttering. Keep in mind that less is more. Hold a garage sale or donate those extra pieces of furniture, appliances, and fixtures that don’t add functionality to your home.
  • Open the windows and let natural light in, but remember that not everything you own needs to be in plain sight. Order blinds or any window treatment you prefer from reliable and known manufacturers like Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc. This way, you can control and keep the watchful eyes of trespassers off your house.

Live simply and naturally. Rearranging and decluttering can create an invisible energy that will make each member of your family relaxed. Learning how to simplify life starts right in your home.