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Traveling and Being Happy Doesn’t Have to Cost You A Lot

Posted: Jun 9, 2017 at 3:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Millennials travelling and smilingWhatever you think of tech-savvy millennials, consider taking a page out of their book. Technology allows them to work anywhere they want. This freedom gives them the opportunity to travel, enjoy life, and still make money.

Take a break. See the colors of sunrises and sunsets in different places. Taste the many delicacies that you only see on television. Hear the sound of waves. Feel the air on mountains.

Use a vacation leave, plan a getaway, and return to your work life inspired. Travel is much easier and cheaper today with cheap flights out of South Bend and affordable accommodation options. Reap the many benefits of traveling for less.

What science says

Just in case you need evidence that traveling does you a lot of good, science has your back.

A recent Cornell University study found that people who travel lead happier lives than those who don’t. Experts say that spending money to gain experiences brings longer-lasting joy than spending on material objects such as clothes and gadgets.
They say it’s because people quickly adapt to material stuff; that the happiness it brings is ultimately fleeting.

There are new models of smartphones that come out every year. There are new designs of clothes released each season. The happiness you gain from travel, however, is forever.

Collecting memories

Traveling creates a lot of memories. You grow richer in character by experiencing different cultures and seeing many sights. Even the small things count. Remember your excitement when the plane took off and when it landed? These memories will never leave you. As time goes on, you’ll feel even happier as you recall them.

Spend your hard-earned income on things that truly matter. Make use of that vacation leave to travel, and you’ll never regret your decision.