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3 Hiring Tips That Can Protect Your Company

Posted: Jul 26, 2017 at 9:17 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Employer searching the applicants social mediaDid you know that hiring a bad employee can cost you more losses than you can even imagine? In one survey that involved 6,000 hiring professionals, about 27 percent said that a single bad hire could cost their organisation over $50,000 in losses. Yes, that much! Imagine hiring more than just one or two bad employees. Now, if you want to avoid these, here are some hiring tips that can save your company’s financial earnings and reputation.

Apart from employment background check, do an employee police check as well.
Checking an applicant’s employment background has already become a routine. But if you want to weed out the bad applicants right away, do an employee police check as well. This is very important in industries that work with small children and senior adults. Remember that you have a responsibility not just to your customers but also to your current employees. So it’s important to look into the applicant’s criminal background as well.

Do a Google search. Try social media search

There are numerous online sources on how to ace a job interview and rest assured, candidates, prepare a lot. Sometimes, there’s a persona they bring out whenever they are being interviewed. But what happens after the interview is important. You need to see how the applicant acts so you can gauge if his or her personality is a match to your company’s core values. One way to do this is to do a quick Google search, particularly social media search. Many red flags can come up and some can be a total deal breaker for your company. Better to spot these early on before it’s too late.

Trust your gut feeling

Sometimes, even if the applicant looks perfect in paper and aces the job interview, you’ll still feel that something is off. Trust your gut feeling because often, it can be correct. Just to be sure, don’t wave off the applicant right away just because of this feeling you get. Give it some time. Perhaps a better candidate will come along. But if the feelings are so strong, go with your gut.

Hiring Well

The secret to hiring well is to have a plan. Add these tips to your hiring process so you can seek the top talents you’ve always wanted for your team.