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Corporate Lanyards — Not Just for Employees, But for Brand Recall, as Well

Lanyard for Badge Tag
Posted: Aug 15, 2017 at 10:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Handing out corporate lanyards to your new employees is a warm, welcoming gesture. It makes them feel like they belong in the company and somehow, it creates a sense of company pride in them. As they go to the office every day, wearing the lanyard will likely become part of their routine. But other than being a part of your staff’s everyday attire, lanyards play a bigger role in your company — they can help build brand awareness, as well.

Brand Ambassadors

Lanyards hold more than your employees’ name tags and identifications. They carry your company name, logo, and tagline, too. Now, imagine your employees wearing the lanyard and riding the bus every day. They come across many people on their daily commute, and it’s possible that at least one or two of their fellow passengers have taken a glance at what’s written on their lanyards. Your employees also attend business conferences and trade shows. Of course, they will have to wear the lanyard during those events as it is a convenient way for others to identify them as company representatives. Imagine how many potential customers are at those events, seeing your logo worn by your staff. In a way, your employees become your brand ambassadors whenever they wear their lanyard and other corporate apparel while outside the office.

The Power of Promotional Items

Nine in 10 people recall company branding (name and logo), while eight in 10 remember the messaging (slogan or tagline), according to the 2017 consumer survey by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). In addition, the survey revealed that promotional products remain the most effective form of advertising today, amidst the rise of social media and digital marketing.

Looking at these survey results alone, it is safe to say that handing out lanyards to your employees is a smart move. Going back to the above-mentioned example, it is likely that those passengers already have your company name or tagline imprinted on their mind. Perhaps, they got curious, researched about you on Google, and they are now considering buying your products. In its simple, subtle way, your company lanyard helped in increasing your brand recall.

Cost-effective Marketing Tool

Another great thing about lanyards is that they promote your brand in an inexpensive way. Made of braided or woven fabric, lanyards are usually less costly to produce and customise than other promotional products. Plus, their prices typically go lower when you order them in bulk. With lanyards, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money yet you can yield long-term and effective results.

Maximising the Potential of Lanyards

Now that you know that lanyards are cost-effective l both as a corporate item and a marketing tool, the next thing you should think about is how you can maximise their potential. After all, it isn’t enough that you encourage your employees to wear their lanyards outside the office. You must create an eye-catching lanyard design, too. So, if you can, improve your brand identity designs — your logo and tag line. It’s also better if you have a supplier with an in-house design team, such as The Lanyards Factory. The team can help you achieve a design layout that represents your brand and works perfectly in a lanyard piece, as well.

Corporate lanyards aren’t just for the benefit of your employees. They are also a subtle, affordable way to increase your brand recall. It’s like you’re hitting two birds with one stone — and of course, in business, that’s a good thing.