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Smart Tips to Keep Your Glass Balustrade Looking New

Posted: Aug 28, 2017 at 8:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Glass Balustrade on staircaseGlass fences sure are nice additions to your home. But are they hard to clean and maintain? Not! Here are some simple tricks you can try to keep your glass balustrades looking nice, clean, and neat.

If you have frameless glass balustrades at home, try these cleaning tips to keep them looking new.

Try the soap water cleaning treatment

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to clean your glass balustrades is to use soapy water. Fill a bucket with warm water and add some liquid dish soap. Wash the glass using a sponge. This concoction can effectively remove bird droppings and any grease you may have on your glass balustrade.

Rinse the glass with clean water (warm if you like) or simply hose it down. Allow the glass to air down. If there are some streaks of water left, use a clean rag to wipe it down.

Try cleaning with white vinegar

If you want to sanitize your glass balustrade, you do not need to buy any fancy chemical cleaners. Just open your cupboard and grab your white vinegar. The recipe is pretty simple. Use a cup of white vinegar for every cup of water. You can use warm water too if you like but room temperature would do.

Clean the glass as you would use the soapy water solution and rinse again with water. Allow to air dry.

Wipe dry with a shower squeegee after a rainfall

Don’t you just hate water streaks on your glass balustrades after a rainfall? You don’t need to wash it with soapy water or the water and vinegar solution. Just use a small shower squeegee to wipe the water streaks dry after a rainfall.

You can do this between regular, scheduled cleanings to keep your glass balustrades looking neat and clean. To prevent water spots, you can apply a thin coat of pure lemon oil too.

Replace your worn down wooden fences with glass balustrades. They’re nice additions to porches and pools. Moreover, they’re very low maintenance, and they are highly durable, so they last a long time.