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These Are Some of the High Paying Jobs in Singapore

Singapore Flyer
Posted: Sep 20, 2017 at 7:48 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A degree from Singapore’s universities enables you to get almost any job in and outside of the country. However, not all jobs provide you with high pay and several benefits; these are some of the top paying occupations that you may want to consider applying for after getting a bachelor’s and/or a master’s.

Quality Lead Manager

This job has a salary range of $6000 to $10000 a month, depending on years of experience, usually ranging from five to ten years. This requires one to determine, manage and investigate the quality of procedures and documentation. He or she must also adhere to ISO standards, along with looking for ways to improve testing processes in management functions and the laboratory.

This may be the occupation for you if you have the dedication to acting as a leader of a team that can identify outliers within seconds. This job requires excellent efficiency and must strive always to go the extra mile.

 Software Developers

The salary range of a software developer is $4000 to $12000 a month; this job requires a detailed understanding of every facet of software, applications, systems and computer programs. This may be the ideal occupation for you if you are the intuitive child who likes challenges and identifying solutions for these. You need to have analytical skills and creativity to solve problems encountered efficiently.

University Lecturer

Lecturers can make up to $15000; if you have a passion for teaching, then this might be the occupation for you. Education is an important pillar in the country’s success, and it also has one of the best systems in the region. To get a high paying tenured job, you will need at least a master’s degree in their field, along with years of experience.

These are some of the occupations to consider when applying for a job in Singapore or looking for a particular degree to get. Some jobs pay higher than others, but what matters is your passion and interest in a certain field of study.