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3 Things to Bring To Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

A girl is receiving dental treatment with her parents
Posted: Oct 26, 2017 at 6:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many children are still afraid of dentists. It’s not surprising. Many adults suffer the same dental anxiety too. But this fear of dentists should stop children and adults from getting the dental healthcare they need.

If you’re bringing your kid to a dentist for children in Utah like Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist soon, here are some of the things you need to bring.

  1. A list of your child’s medical conditions

It’s important that your child’s pediatric dentist is aware of any medical conditions that your child has, especially the ones that are diagnosed already. If you’re not sure if your child has a preexisting medical condition, it’s also important to share your observations with the dentist so he or she can make the proper recommendations.

  1. A list of your observations about your child’s oral health

Does your child have a sucking habit? It doesn’t have to be a thumb-sucking habit. If your child consistently sucks on a bottle or a pacifier, tell the pediatric dentist. Why? Because a sucking habit can affect not just your child’s teeth but also the jaw. If your child also falls into sleep with a bottle on, it’s best to share the information with the dentist as the milk residue can contribute to tooth decay.

  1. Some toys that can soothe your child

Apart from the somewhat alarming dental tools and equipment, sometimes, a dental office isn’t the most comforting scene for a child. And sometimes, no matter how “child-friendly” pediatric designs her office, it still feels cold and uncomfortable to the young patients. This is why many parents choose to bring something familiar from home—like a toy or a favorite blanket to help comfort an anxious child.

Make The First Dental Appointment a Success!

It’s important to note that before bringing your child to his or her first dental treatment, you should have already introduced him or her to the dentist in prior visitations. Many parents prefer to bring their child to a dentist beforehand as part of the getting-to-know phase wherein the child can meet the dentist personally, chat a bit, and slowly get the child comfortable in the dental chair. All these can help your child’s first dental appointment a huge success.