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How to Organise a Memorable Product Launch

Entrepreneurs having a product launch
Posted: Nov 24, 2017 at 9:17 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you are launching a product, you need more people to be at the event to generate as much buzz as possible. It is this initial buzz that determines how well your product will be received and how eager people will be to see how it works. Giftfinder knows that to get people interested in attending your event, you will need a successful launch.

These are the three elements you need when planning such an event:


In other events, it may seem too soon to think about the takeaways when you are still at the beginning of planning. When you are launching a product, however, the product you launch will most likely end up as one of the branded promotional products you will put inside a loot bag for guests. This means making sure the product is of good quality and that you have them in enough quantity.


The choice of venue itself depends on several factors, such as cost and accessibility. When scouting for locations, check each one of them using the transportation options available to your attendees. Do not use a private car — unless you are arranging for private cars to take guests to the venue. The number of attendees will drop if they notice that the venue is not easily accessible through the tube.


During the day of the event itself, everything should be in order. The air conditioning should be set at the right temperature to keep a large crowd comfortable. In case, it breaks down, there should be someone to handle the repairs immediately. Chairs and tables should not be too close together, so guests will not feel cramped. Note the capacity of the venue and the number of guests you are expecting; they should match. Moreover, you should also choose a caterer known for great food. It is one of the memorable parts of the event, and people might just judge your business for it.

Expectations are high when you are launching a product. Choose the best venue, food provider and corporate gifts to keep everyone in good spirits throughout the event and even after it ends.