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The Various Types of Security Grilles for Windows

Men installing the window and the window grilles after
Posted: Nov 14, 2017 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The security of your property is always an important consideration. The simple and inexpensive way to enhance your safety is investing in window grilles, as these add an outstanding tier to your building’s protection.

In some areas, installing your security grilles requires planning permission from relevant state authorities. Before installing window grilles here in Sydney, ensure you check if there are such existing regulations in your area.

There are the different types, styles and materials of window grilles to select from, and here are the common types you can choose as part of your security system.

Retractable Grilles

Retractable or collapsible window grilles combine a classic appearance with high levels of security. You typically mount them on window frames. Retractable grilles are ideal for both work establishments and homes.

These grilles help keep intruders out and let maximum light in. They are suitable for windows on the ground floor.

Internal Window Grilles

You place some window grilles between your windowpanes. Since there are no grilles on the window surface, cleaning windows with interior grilles is easy. There are many different styles for you to choose from depending on your architectural design.

These grilles add a distinctive architectural detail to your windows and make them stand out.

External Window Grilles

External grilles are the best way to protect your property from the outside. These window grilles are placed on the outer part of your windows. They are typically made of steel and iron with attractive finishes to blend into your house design. In homes, they are the perfect option for garages.

For home applications, retractable and internal grilles are the perfect solution. Interior window grilles will, however, not protect your windows from damage and offer less security. In areas where vandalism is a concern, external window grilles are the perfect deterrent for intruders.