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Top Amenities a Good Hotel Room Should Have

Posted: Nov 24, 2017 at 5:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Woman in her hotel roomHave you ever stayed in a hotel room that doesn’t give you everything you need? Booking a room means paying a good amount of money in exchange for comfort and convenience. The lack of these important aspects can force guests to give a poor rating for inadequate service.

If you are running a hotel, make sure the following room items are always available:

Mini fridge

Every guest would agree that there should be at least a mini fridge in a hotel room. It is convenient for guests because they no longer have to leave the hotel to buy snacks and drinks.

Good breakfast

Do not let your guests rely solely on the food inside the fridge. A good breakfast should be an option but serve more than just toast, fresh eggs and Vegemite. Include the most sought after dishes, such as bacon, mushrooms and sausages with a glass of orange juice.

Free water bottles

It is not about offering ten water bottles for a 2-night stay. At least have one or two as a welcome drink for the guest’s convenience after a long day or flight.

Service menu

You do not want your guests throwing tantrums for an expensive chocolate. The menu should be readily available, so you can set the right expectations.

Sufficient power outlets

People these days love their gadgets so much and you do not want them complaining that they cannot charge all of their devices at the same time. Make sure you have more than one accessible power outlet in every room and at common areas.

A hair dryer

A hair dryer takes up luggage space and adds to the weight. Keep it readily available in the room, as it saves personal grooming time and prevents the ‘bad hair day’ look. Your guests will surely appreciate the effort.

A comfortable bed

Experts consider comfortable beds among the basic things a hotel room must have. After all, guests need a good night’s sleep at the end of the day so make sure the bed and mattress are soft, comfortable and fragrant.

The future of your hotel business greatly depends on the experience you provide your guests. Make sure you provide excellent service and amenities to ensure a steady stream of income.