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Wall Cladding 101: A Guide for Home-owners

Wall Cladding
Posted: Nov 28, 2017 at 8:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

You enter your friend’s newly renovated apartment, and that stone-textured wall in the living room caught your attention. How can he afford such exquisite wall design when you and him are at the same wage level? Simple. Wall Cladding.

Wall cladding is the art of covering a wall with to make it look like it is a different material. In your friend’s case, that’s textured wall cladding. More and more home-owners are using this trick to achieve the look that they want.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing; it also has a more reasonable price compared with using the original materials. But, installing wall claddings is not as easy as your DIY wallpaper. Here are some musts in wall cladding.

Select your cladding

This is the first step every home-owner should take. Do some research and find out which type of cladding you want installed in your home and where. Do keep in mind that different cladding and texture goes well with various places of your home.

Do not overdo it

While installing wall cladding adds design to your home, having it in every room and on every wall is an overkill and would actually give you the opposite effect that you want. If you are not sure how much is too much, consult with your interior designer to have an idea on how to do it.

Lighting is important

Some claddings, such as stoned ones, need to be given more emphasis. Proper lighting is a must in bringing out the natural effects of your cladding. A texture cladding with the right amount of lighting will definitely help bring out the best in your room.

Do not be afraid to mix and match

Get creative and step out of the ordinary. Mix and match several designs, themes, and pieces to give your space a unique and personal touch.

Take it as a whole

Still, have no idea on how to do it? Take the whole room as one single unit. The lighting, furniture, paintings, and other decorative pieces should be able to blend well together with your wall cladding.

Now, close your eyes and imagine your room. Made you smile? Then it is the wall cladding choice you have been looking for.