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Factors That Affect Prices of Ducted Air Conditioning Units

A worker fixing a ducted air conditioning
Posted: Dec 9, 2017 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

You probably have had uncomfortably hot days in summer and unbearably cold nights during winter. That is not because your house does not have the right weatherboarding, but that the air conditioning is either non-functional or too small to meet your air conditioning needs. That also applies to families seeking to purchase a new house they could call home.

In both of these cases, you will need to invest in a new ducted air conditioning unit at the right price for your Sydney home. You cannot take chances here; you must choose the right one. Here is a list of some of the elements that determine the prices of a new ducted air conditioning system:

Home size

The size of your house and the individual rooms will determine which size of AC unit is the most appropriate to withdraw the standard British thermal units from your home. If you are unsure about the figures, confirm from your realtor what the exact square footage of your house is. Usually, the larger the ducted air conditioning is, the pricier it is to buy and install.

Existing AC system

Unless you are buying or living in a modern home (which is AC ready), your house will require ductwork to replace the current small or worn out ducts. This extra ductwork doubles the cost of installing ducted air conditioning.

Numerous other factors can affect your choice and scope of such a priceless upgrade that it becomes difficult for you to know which ones to prioritise. However, you will learn that when planning for ducted air conditioning, the above factors will prove to be very useful in determining the prices of the unit that can meet your air conditioning needs satisfactorily.