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How to Prepare Your Little One for Kindergarten

Children learning in school
Posted: Dec 3, 2017 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Starting kindergarten is an exciting milestone for you and your kids. However, experts from St. Edward Integrated School note that not all kids are independent and confident in an unfamiliar setting. The transition can provoke anxiety among children. As such, preparation is the key.

Discuss and create new routines

About six weeks before school begins, try creating manageable routines such as breakfast and bedtime at the same times daily. Make the changes gradual. While at it, talk to your child and focus on what they look forward to. Discuss any concern they have about attending school and address them together.

Tour the school together

Build excitement by visiting the school, their would-be classroom and of course, the playground. Explore specific areas that may interest your child. Examples include the art or music room. If possible, introduce your child to the teacher so they can get acquainted in advance, which builds rapport and familiarity early on. Your kid should know or have at least one familiar face in the crowd to help them cope with the first-day-of-school blues.

Expand your kid’s horizon

Although there are specific skills that your child needs to master before attending kindergarten, you can start to teach your kids about rote facts informally. These include basic information about themselves such as name, age, address and parents’ names as well as numbers and letters. Another reason some students fear going to school is that they might feel shy during introductions and your child cannot answer, while other students can say something about themselves.

Kindergarten is supposedly a good learning experience for your kids. Help them prepare for the journey by covering the basics at home — weeks before the school year starts.