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Why Tree Stumps Could Ruin Your Yard

man cutting a tree
Posted: Dec 14, 2017 at 5:18 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

If there’s a tree stump in the yard and you’ve thought about leaving it there, don’t. They can rot and infect the other plants.

It can be tempting to leave a tree stump there, but there are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea to reconsider.

Tree Stumps Spread Disease

If a tree was felled because it had a disease, for example, wood decay fungi, then the disease that killed it remains in the tree stump and can gradually spread to the surrounding plants and trees. If other trees are infected, they may have to be felled too. This is why extensively diseased, dying and dead trees should be removed entirely.

Tree stump removal pros in Tauranga like Tree Fellers can help. Professional tree surgeons don’t just fell trees; they can also diagnose and treat tree diseases and advise on all aspects of their care.

Tree Stumps Encourage Pests

A decaying tree stump is very attractive to pests.  Termites and wood-boring beetles eat wood.  Certain types of ants also like to nest there, where they quickly multiply and could infest the home.

Tree stumps can take a whole decade to rot away on their own and become an insect’s paradise.

Tree Stumps Grow Shoots

If a tree has been felled for a cosmetic reason, for example, it blocks the light, then be warned, a tree stump can grow new shoots, and these will eventually grow into a new tree. If a tree is unwanted, the whole stump should be taken away.

Tree Stumps Look Ugly

A stump looks ugly in an otherwise landscaped garden as well as wasting usable lawn space.

When felling a tree, it’s essential to remove the stump too to keep the yard looking nice, prevent disease spreading to the other plants, deter pests and prevent unwanted tree growth. That’s when an arborist is needed.