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A Guide to Throwing an Introvert-Friendly Party

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Posted: Jan 6, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Let’s face it; most parties are prepared for the extrovert. They are usually loud, have lots of unfamiliar faces, and go on until the drinks last. This may sound a dream to a party animal, but it could only cause dread to a shy celebrant.

If you want to organize a celebration for an introverted loved one, you have to rethink everything, from planning the execution to choosing party rentals in Minneapolis. Après Event Décor & Tent Rental shares some tips:

Ask first

Rule number one is to avoid surprises. No matter how much you love the idea, most introverts don’t share your sentiment. They don’t like being in the spotlight and feel awkward when all eyes are on them. The thoughtful way is to ask permission to throw the party beforehand. If your loved one doesn’t feel comfortable with it, consider unconventional alternatives, like a museum date or watching a play.

Keep the guest list short

If your introverted loved one green lights it, invite just close friends and relatives. Excessive social stimulation drains the energy of introverts fast, so it’s best to keep the crowd small. Quality is just as important as the quantity too. Make sure the celebrant approves of the guest list first to avoid forced interactions and meaningless conversations.

Create the perfect ambiance

Your loved one will appreciate a party with quiet spots and low lighting. It allows him or her to stay away from the crowd when his or her energy level briefly goes down.

Don’t leave the guest of honor alone

Considering the unique needs of an introvert, pair your loved one with someone who could give him or her an “out” when necessary. The best introvert buddy is the one who can create situations that would allow the celebrant a chance to escape and take a breather.

Do you need more help to plan an introvert-friendly party? Talk to experienced party organizers and suppliers to get more sound insights.