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Garden Wedding Planning Tips

Posted: Jan 7, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Minnesota is home to many of the beautiful and spacious gardens. Après Event Décor & Tent Rental will be the first to tell you this. If you have taken a stroll on one of their breathtaking gardens, you might have been looking forward to having an outdoor or garden wedding. However, you need to consider the following issues that you could face and create an effective contingency plan:

Sudden changes in weather

No matter how sunny a day is, it may always become cold and misty in the afternoon. As such, take into consideration any weather changes during the wedding party.

Get some wedding tent rentals to make sure your guests do not have to run for cover when the rain starts to pour. Research about tent sizes that would fit the wedding venue as well as provide cover for your guests.

Lighting and mood

Now that you’ve prepared for unpredictable weather, you should not forget proper lighting. Apart from not wanting your guests to get cold or wet when the weather suddenly changes, you also do not want your photos to be too dark.

It is one of the important life events. You’d want to capture it beautifully. Some tents allow wedding venue designers to install lights and creative additions to the tent. Depending on your budget, you can get a wedding tent that will not only protect the guests from getting wet and cold but also set a great ambiance.

Parking area for guests

One of the challenges in having an outdoor wedding is the parking allocation for guests. You can hire a valet service that can assist the guests when they arrive. They will take care of parking guests’ cars as well as getting them after the wedding.

Getting married is an important event in one’s life. You could get your own wedding planner to take care of these details for you. Should you want to plan it on your own, make sure to ask the help of friends and loved ones to make sure that you do not stress yourself too much — you want to enjoy your big day after all.