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Troubleshooting a Faulty AC Compressor

Male Electrician Repairing Air Conditioner
Posted: Feb 21, 2018 at 5:43 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The source of trouble in your air conditioner will at times boil down to a defective compressor. When the AC starts malfunctioning, most homeowners assume that they need to buy a new unit, but this is not always the case. This is because the compressor, which comprise numerous components, is often the culprit.

When one of these parts fails, the entire system is likely to malfunction. Discussed below are the potentially faulty components in the compressor.


In most cases of faulty compressor, the cause is a broken capacitor. After the technician offering heating and air conditioning service in Whangamata evaluates your system and determines that the capacitor is to blame, he is more likely to replace it with a new one. Capacitors are hardly repairable, which makes replacement the ideal way of correcting the problem.

Terminal Connectors

Your technician will also inspect the terminal connection and ensure that everything is tight and in place. A loose connection in the terminals can lead to several issues, especially if your compressor does not work properly. In addition, the accumulation of dirt on your terminals can cause a variety of problems. A good cleaning job from a knowledgeable technician will do the trick.

Start Relays

Troubleshooting faulty relays is normally done with an ohmmeter. After taking off all the connected wires, your technician will begin by measuring the resistance between terminal 1 and 2. The resistance indicator should read zero, as there is normally no contact between these terminals. If the meter reads infinity, the terminals must be in contact, and the start relay must be discarded and replaced with a new and functional one.

If the terminals read something lesser than infinity, your start relay might be dirty and needs replacement.

Just like any other home appliance, your AC unit is composed of several components, and if any of them is faulty, the whole system can be ineffective. You must have an AC technician on the speed dial to have these components, the compressor or the entire air conditioning system repaired or replaced.