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How Much Does It Cost to Design an Office in North America?

Modern office interior
Posted: Apr 12, 2018 at 6:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Office designs will continue to become modernized this year, but the associated expenses will vary particularly if you choose among three distinct styles in the U.S. and Canada.

A report showed that an office with a progressive style cost more thanĀ $150 per square foot on average, while moderate and traditional styles require more than $158 and $177 per square foot, respectively.

Office Design Expenses

Commercial window replacement will be a factor in your budget especially when you plan to redesign your office. Companies that usually adopt progressive styles include technology firms and startups. Among the three mentioned styles, this is the cheapest to build partly because of more open spaces that are suitable for collaborative work.

Moderate styles simply strike a balance between progressive and traditional styles. Most offices in the U.S. follow this design patent, which involves 10% of enclosed spaces with the remainder having an open floor plan. On the other hand, law firms and financial companies adopt traditional office designs with floor plans normally comprising 30% of enclosed offices and 70% of open spaces. This type of design works in their favor due to the confidential nature of their work.

Modern Trends

Despite the majority of U.S. offices having moderate designs, increased productivity will serve as on reason for many companies to consider a different style this year. Designs that incorporate natural elements and ergonomic furniture will be some of the anticipated trends.

If you already have a budget, pay attention to your choice of lighting and fixtures as these small details can easily add or reduce thousands of dollars from your estimated expenses.


When planning the right design for your office, it is important to align the style with your corporate brand. This is perhaps the best if not the perfect way to determine just how much you need to spend on designing workspaces.