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An Expert Selection Guide for the Ideal Masonry Construction Material

Posted: May 21, 2018 at 6:25 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The term masonry is a part of daily conversation, but few fully understand what it means. Masonry structures are those built through the fusion of materials with mortar. Mortar refers to paste cement that holds the masonry material together when it dries.

One of the critical things your Fresno, CA masonry contractors will require you to select is the material for your construction. There are materials you can opt for depending on your budget and desired look.

Here are some of the standard masonry materials.


This is the most popular choice for masonry constructions. It is long-lasting, beautiful and never goes out of style. It also comes in a broad range of textures and colors to suit all tastes. Brick constructions typically use a serpentine pattern meaning the lines are staggered rather than straight.

The serpentine style is renowned for its strength. Brick constructions are fire resistant, energy efficient and have excellent moisture control, as well as wind resistance.


The two categories of stones used in masonry are undressed and dressed stones. Dressed stones have fluid patterns and sizes while the undressed stone is rough. Undressed stone constructions have a rugged appearance with irregular construction patterns ideal for an authentic look.

The only thing that limits stone masonry designs is the builder’s imagination.


Concrete constructions resemble brick ones but are less expensive to build compared to the latter. They are constructed very fast because of the sheer density and size of the blocks, which fill up walls quickly.

Concrete masonry also has a high insulation factor that will benefit property owners in reducing their utility costs and is fire-resistant.

All the above materials will guarantee you a durable and beautiful construction. You should, however, keep in mind that masonry is an art and a science. The above materials will only benefit your building if installed by an expert contractor.