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Moving House: How to Pack your Guitar and Keep It Safe

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Posted: May 30, 2018 at 6:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

You’re probably comfortable and used to transporting your guitar to and from various places—performances, jamming sessions, and practices. However, packing it is an entirely different story. To start, instead of placing it inside the moving truck or van, if at all possible, place it with you in your car, or wherever it is you’re riding to ensure that it’s safe throughout the entire ride.

Here are some handy tips to keep your guitar safe inside a moving truck:

  • First, loosen the guitar strings to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your guitar’s bridge and other components.
  • You will need a sturdy box that’s big enough to hold your guitar along with its guitar case. Make sure that the box has at least 2 inches of spare space on all sides as you will need to secure it with packing material to keep it in place, suggests Nash Packaging, a container and packaging supply specialist in Utah.
  • Put your guitar inside its case and then secure it with crumpled packing papers, paying close attention to the headstock, neck, endpin, and heels since these components could be damaged easily. Pack on extra protection over the bridge.
  • Close the guitar case and then shake it. Your guitar must fit snugly inside with no movement whatsoever. If there’s any movement inside the case, place more packing papers.
  • Once you’ve secured your guitar, put crumpled packing papers inside the box or wrap the entire guitar case in bubble wrap to secure it. As with the guitar case, make sure that there’s no movement inside the box before you seal it with durable packing tape. Make sure to label the box “FRAGILE”.
  • When placing inside the moving truck, ensure that heavy items won’t be loaded on top of it.

Guitar experts strongly recommend that you wait several hours before unpacking your guitar after moving in because it will require ample time for it to acclimate to the new environment. If you have to store your guitar temporarily, opt for a storage unit with climate control settings. Now all that’s left is to pray that your precious guitar arrives in your new place in the exact condition you packed it in.