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Types of Carpets and Their Cleaning Requirements

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Posted: May 28, 2018 at 1:48 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Choosing the right carpet for your office or house is not an easy feat, considering all the factors that you must consider. Other than fitting your budget, a carpet should be comfortable and seamlessly blend in with the rest of house décor.

The cost of professional carpet cleaning services in South Jordan depends on the material of the carpet. Reason being, the material determines how the carpet sustains dirt, its response to cleaning detergents and machines, as well as the method to be used for cleaning. Anchor Water Damage and Restoration cites the different types of carpets and their suitable cleaning methods.

Woolen Carpets

Woolen carpets are an excellent choice for residential use. This is because besides being warm and fluffy, they are easy to maintain since they are stain resistant. However, woolen rags absorb plenty of dust and microbes, making regular cleaning more necessary. They should be cleaned using the carbonation or steam cleaning methods.

Synthetic carpets

This type is made from either polypropylene or nylon. While they are very affordable, they are not long lasting compared to the other types. While they are easy to clean, their mats can only be foam, dry, or powder cleaned due to the delicate nature of the material. Note that they can’t survive other cleaning methods such as hot water extraction.

Jute Carpets

Besides cotton, jute is the second most popular material used to make rugs and carpets. Carpets made from jute are highly durable and resistant to dust. For that reason, people who have allergies are best suited to use them. They are also moisture resistant and withstand vacuuming. However, cleaning jute carpets requires professional care, as they should not be exposed to moisture or sunlight. Therefore, dry cleaning methods are highly recommended.

While it makes sense to buy a carpet that’s within your budget, it’s also economical to spend more for a high quality and durable carpet. Additionally, ensure that you clean your carpets within the recommended intervals to maintain its luster and glamour.