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A Cabin’s Purpose: When a Granny Flat Is Helpful

Granny Classic Cabins
Posted: Jun 1, 2018 at 6:19 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

It’s been years since granny flats became a trend in Australia, and it seems like the detached dwelling is here to stay. Most Australian families would like to utilize empty yards to put up an additional room or two for guests or members of the family who want to keep their independence even while retaining their address.

Despite being known as granny flats, these transportable cabins can be used by anyone. These are just some situations that show their usefulness:

Your Parent Is Showing Signs of Ageing

It is an inevitable part of life, and as their offspring, you will want to lend a hand when they need help. However, if they are strong enough, for the most part, they will not want to be told what to do. A good compromise is giving them their own space near you, but not so near that they feel a watchful eye on them. It’s a good way to prevent arguments, and everyone will be happy with the arrangement.

You Have Visiting Friends

Everyone has experienced that feeling of not having enough space for guests. When a barbecue ends up being full of guests and their plus-ones, you will be screaming for an extension of the house. For those friends who will spend the night, providing a quiet sanctuary would be a good way to show your commitment to being a good host. If it’s your children who have guests over, you can let them use the cabin, so they do not make a mess in the main house.

A Young Adult Cannot Afford Their Own Place Just Yet

Australian real estate prices are through the roof. You are lucky to find a house that fits your budget, what with the demand to consider and the high median prices. There is also the source of income and the deposit to consider. If you are a parent to a fresh graduate, you know the pains of signing loans for them. If both parties have agreed that it’s better to wait before they buy a house, a cabin in the property can be their retreat so they can practice their independence without worrying about mortgage just yet.

Land can be quiet expensive to purchase, and then there’s the matter of home construction as well. A cabin might be a cost-effective way to add value to your property.