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Available Design Options for Luxury Italian-Style Furniture

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Posted: Jun 26, 2018 at 10:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Your office furniture forms an integral part of its decor. Since your clients will create their first impression of your business from your office’s look, ensuring it reflects an accurate image is essential. The right furniture will also uplift your office’s look and boost your employees’ morale.

Getting Italian-style furniture from the best furniture manufacturers in Christchurch transforms your office into a truly luxurious place. The furniture pieces are also very comfortable and complement a range of ambient interiors. Here are the various designs of Italian-style furniture to choose from.

Baroque Italian Furniture

These furniture pieces are primarily inspired by 13th century traditional Roman Catholic Church furniture. Heavy mouldings, typically in the form of a ‘C’ or an ‘S’ carving, make up the bulk design of baroque Italian office furniture.

The furniture also features homogeneous designs, symmetry, and contrasting colours. Rococo-style furniture closely resembles baroque but features more rosewoods, dark-coloured woods, and fruit woods.

Renaissance Italian Furniture

This style of Italian furniture features designs primarily from Roman sarcophagi. Renaissance-styled furniture pieces typically comprise leather and walnut wood. They make the perfect choice for your office’s executive chairs, drawers, folding chairs, cabinets and chests.

Venetian Italian Furniture

These furniture pieces are from the 19th century and have a lot of contemporary designs. Other than walnut from the Renaissance style, Venetian-style furniture uses grand olive. After building the piece, the creator paints it black and accentuates handles with silver or pearl colours.

Venetian-style furniture also comes in softer and warmer designs compared to other Italian-styled furniture and features a fusion of leather, steel, satin, and nickel.

Italian-style furniture regardless of its design is always made from high-quality materials. You can hence be sure of its durability. In most cases, the furniture is hand-made and therefore unique with quality artistry.

Your business should thus not spare any expense when investing in the Italian-style designs above since they are worth it.