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Does Your Hot Tub Need Repair?

Couple Enjoying the Hot Tub
Posted: Jun 14, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

With any hot tub, the best maintenance strategy should be proactive. That means you need routine checks for the chemical levels, filters, control panel, and cover, to ensure that your spa runs at its best for longer.

Unfortunately, even with the strictly followed maintenance routine, hot tubs will require repair due to factors like the model, weather, season, and the age of the hot tub. This article highlights various signs that indicate you require hot tub repair from specialists like Preferred Pool and Spa for your Salt Lake City home sooner than you had scheduled.

Spa Leaks

Since hot tubs often splash a lot of water, it becomes hard to tell when it’s leaking. The easiest way to tell is by observing the bottom or the sides of the tub before the waters are stirred. Leaks may also be present on the pumps or heaters, and they can be very tiny making them hard to find. Ensure that a leak is fixed as soon as it is located to prevent irreparable damage to your spa.

Intermittent Bad Odor

While the smell of cleaning chemicals might be present, any other smell that can nauseate you or make your stomach turn signals a huge issue with your hot tub. The smell could be caused by water contamination by pesticides and nitrogen, or it could be a result of clogged pumps, filters, and drains, which prevent proper tub self-cleaning.

Green, Black or Gray Water

The presence of discolored or cloudy water signifies chemical imbalance, the growth of algae, or equipment erosion inside the tub. If a chemical imbalance is the cause of the discolored water, then adding chemicals to balance the pH might work for you. Similarly, algae treatment can be done using an algaecide to destroy its presence in the tub. If any of these issues persist, get a hot tub repair immediately to curb the development.

Note that if you feel that something’s a little off about your spa, there probably is a problem. As such, check the drains and filters for clogs, and always ensure that you use a cover for your spa to protect it from debris, which might result in more repair sessions.