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Study Hacks to Improve Your Math Grades

Math Formulas on Board
Posted: Jun 29, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Math is often a difficult subject for students of all levels; however, it is not impossible to master or at least reach a decent level. Getting good grades over the years is important as it may affect your application for certain colleges and programs.

Number sense isn’t just about remembering and recalling formulas during tests. The former is an ability wherein a person is able to use and interchange different numbers flexibly. For example, someone who is able to do this is not only capable of answering 8×7 but can change or insert other numbers to get the same result.

A person with this ability does not recall formulas and numbers from distant memory, which means they use less effort to remember. Low achievers in math don’t necessarily lack the skills, but they don’t have number sense.

Instructors from City Academy, a top high school in Salt Lake City, cite the following hacks to improve your math scores.

Solve problems regularly

As the cliché goes, “Practice makes perfect.” The same is true for math. You’ll need to solve problems on a regular basis to become good at it. Simply memorizing formulas isn’t enough; even if you know the latter, you won’t be able to do well at tests if you can’t use them properly.

Start with basic concepts then work your way to more complicated ones. You’ll need a lot of practice questions to gain the ability to insert and interchange numbers and formulas when taking math tests.

Create associations and visualize

Numbers are abstract, which makes them difficult to recall and memorize. One of the ways to make the latter easier is to create associations and visualizations.

Remember formulas by integrating them into a story or putting them in a mind palace. Drawing possible shapes and possible outcomes work best for trigonometry or physics problems.

These are only three of the study hacks you can try to become better at math and get the grades you want. There are other techniques to make the subject manageable or even enjoyable.