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Ways to Understand Searcher Intent

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Posted: Jun 11, 2018 at 2:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Companies need to find and take all the advantages presented to them. One of the ways to gain leverage is to understand the intention of searchers whenever they make a query through Google or other search engines.

Experts on search engine optimisation in Australia cite the following ways you can understand intent.

Search with Various Meanings

When a searcher uses a search engine, they may input a particular set of keywords that has multiple meanings. Some would use a brand name but are looking for a specific product or accessory. Google deals with this intention by classifying based on interpretation; these fall under dominant, common or minor interpretations.

Search raters follow the dominant interpretation when a user is clear what he or she is searching for, and it is the one that most users mean. For common interpretations, Google provides users with varying results to cover different potential meanings. A minor one may be location dependent and may have fewer interpretations.

Information Query

When a searcher wants more information, this is the type of query they will make. They want to learn more about certain products, services, brands or particular subjects. This intention has a strong correlation with micro-moments. The latter takes place when a person wants an answer to their question immediately. These are often time-based like looking at the schedule of trains or foreign exchange.

A known query can be a simple question with a straightforward answer or one that is more complex and may have several answers. These searchers are likely still at the top end of a sales funnel. To move them further down and convert, provide them with more information and related details before making a pitch.

Navigational Queries

This type of query is when a person inputs keywords directly on the address bar with the intention of going to a specific page or site. Searchers with this intent have certain intentions already and are high-value clicks for companies.

If you understand the intention of searchers, you can adapt your online marketing strategy, target specific keywords and focus on the SEO of particular pages of your website. These provide you with a competitive advantage in your niche.