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Changes in The Life of Someone With Braces in North London

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Posted: Jul 5, 2018 at 9:34 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

One of the key points for patients to understand when they have braces in North London is that there are straightening options available that are easy to integrate into everyday life. If they have concerns about how their realignment might cause disruption, they should be able to talk to their dentist about their concerns. It may even be possible to adapt their treatment to circumnavigate certain issues.

Most concerns about braces in North London can be allayed through communication with a dentist, like Denchic Dental Spa. Experienced practitioners can talk about the benefits and issues associated with any treatment method that they offer. They are there to guide and support their patients through the teeth straightening journey. This process is ongoing from the start of treatment all the way through to aftercare.

Changes to everyday life

Some changes are inevitable when it comes to long-term dental treatment like teeth straightening. The user is working with some sort of equipment and going through a process that needs attention. The main changes in every case are as follows:

  • Changes to dental hygiene routine – the exact nature of hygiene requirements changes depending on the method involved. For example, with a fixed solution like Six Month Smiles, a patient might need to avoid certain very hard or sticky foods so that their braces do not break or get clogged up with debris. With a removable method like Invisalign, they don’t need to worry about this, but they do need to clean their teeth each time they eat before they can reinsert their equipment;
  • Increase in dental visits – all teeth straightening treatments need monitoring every six weeks or so. This is the perfect interval for a dentist to see changes and make any adjustments. Some methods require longer appointments than others;
  • Smile improvements – not all the changes are challenges. Someone who has a realignment treatment should be able to see gradual changes to their smile over the course of the process. They also get ‘the big reveal’ at the end where they can see the results. They might then choose to have a treatment like a scale and polish or teeth whitening, just to highlight their new look.