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4 Tips for Taking Better Photos

A man taking a photo
Posted: Aug 15, 2018 at 7:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many aspire to be good photographers, but only some know how to do it. If you want to have fantastic photos, you can always call a professional photographer to organize a shoot. If, however, you want to try your hand at taking photos but don’t know how to do it, here are four tips for you.

Always look at your subjects in the eye.

If you are taking somebody’s photo, aim for an eye-level angle. It makes the photo more personal and inviting. You may need to stoop down if you are taking pictures of children so your lenses will be level with their eyes. The subject does not need to stare at the camera. This style is typical in glamour and wedding photo shoots, such as the ones done by JayLynn Studios in Utah, George Street Photo & Video in New York, and Blue 22 Photography in Los Angeles.

Opt for a plain background.

While the subject is the most important part of your photo, the background is essential as well. You want to avoid any distracting elements that will divert the eye from the subject. Before taking the photos, make sure there are no poles, hanging wires, passing cars, or other objects that are out-of-place in your theme. Doing so will save you the time and effort necessary to photoshop these objects out of the picture.

Get closer to the subject.

When doing profiles, your objective should be to frame the subject in a flattering way. Consider his or her pose, clothing, and the interplay of both with the background. To keep the focus on the subject, however, it’s best to move the camera closer. Pictures taken up close can reveal details that enhance the subject’s appearance and character, like freckles or an arched brow. Try not to move in too close, however, to avoid blurring the picture or making the subject uncomfortable. Three feet between the camera and the subject are enough.

It’s not necessary to frame the subject at the center.

Add variety to your shots by taking shots wherein the subject is near one side of the frame. This is an excellent technique if the subject is wearing a gown and you want to show off the long train, too. Remember to lock the focus of your camera on the subject so that it doesn’t default towards the middle of the viewfinder.
With these few tricks, you can take beautiful photographs that you’ll be proud to put on display. If you feel that your skills are not to par, however, there’s always the option of hiring a professional photographer.