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Don’t Sweat It Out: 3 Ways to Relieve Menopausal Hot Flashes

Posted: Aug 23, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

No more periods, no more PMS, and no more pregnancy worries when having sex — these are just some rewards of reaching menopause. And yet, most women dread and fear this stage of life. Precisely because of the bothersome symptoms. Case in point: hot flashes.

Statistics show that 75 – 80% of menopausal women struggle with such, making it the most common symptom of menopause. Well, don’t sweat this out; here are some ways to relieve those menopausal hot flashes — without taking meds:

Keep your home cool

Even though hot flashes are caused by changes in internal body temperature, the symptom gets worse when you add the hot weather. And Utah health experts say that even small changes in the body’s temperature can cause hot flashes, so it’s best to keep a cool environment when at home. Turn on the AC and turn down the thermostat. If you notice that the room doesn’t cool enough, call on professional AC repair Utah specialists. This will not just help relieve hot flashes, but also increase comfort at home.


Stress is one of the notorious triggers of hot flashes. That’s because they increase a chemical called epinephrine in the body, which increases the body’s temperature. To combat stress, go meditate. Do some deep breathing exercise or practice yoga. Get a massage every now and then. Finding a creative outlet also helps. Some women write or paint to reduce stress and thus reduce frequency of hot flashes.

Avoid food triggers

In general, hot, spicy food and meals rich in sugar and fat trigger hot flashes. You may have other food triggers so it’s best to watch what you eat. Go for plant-based meals, those which have a mix of fruits and vegetables. Take note that certain beverages can also cause the menopausal symptom —these will be alcohol and coffee. So if you could avoid them altogether, that would help a great deal in relieving your symptoms.

Menopause carries some annoying difficulties, like hot flashes, but this is a new season in your life you can explore. Don’t sweat menopause. Find ways to relieve yourself.