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Local VS Network Printing: What You Need to Know

Posted: Aug 29, 2018 at 1:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In an age where industries are more reliant on file sharing, smartphones, tablets and cloud sharing, printing information or documents on paper may seem outdated. Despite having almost everything digital, people still rely on printed material to communicate effectively to clients or to submit documents in schools or offices.

Companies that offer printing or USB printing services have a variety of options. Here are the differences between local and network printers:

Local VS Network Printers

Having the same function, local and network printers have their difference in how they’re connected to computers. Local printers are those that are directly connected to a printer using a USB cable. A printer by itself is often just connected to a pc or laptop, making printing exclusive for just one unit. On the other hand, network printers are a part of a work group of computers. This means that multiple computers can print without having the need for USB cables. Some printers also allow wireless connection.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Local Printers

Local printers have its benefits and disadvantages. Local printers ensure that large printing is done on one computer; it can improve efficiency in a company’s workflow. Mistakes in printing are easily identified when a local printer is used. With this, errors can be corrected immediately.

However, with just one computer for printing, work can also be delayed, and productivity can decrease when the printer malfunctions.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Network Printers

Network printers provide various benefits. It offers efficiency and flexibility in printing; it can operate with multiple computer platforms such as Windows or Apple. This means that people can connect and print regardless of the computer they use. Network printers save costs for it doesn’t need multiple printers working at the same time.

Different institutions or companies can choose between local and network printing. For printing or printing services to become better and efficient, companies have to choose for the printing method that best suit their needs.