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London Underground: Touring London’s Secret Sites

Evening view of London, with a double-decker bus, big ben, and the London eye.
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When it comes to British culture, history, and art, London is immediately the first place people think of. It is a cultural mecca for everything an anglophile ever dreams of. From plays in the West End to the classic afternoon tea, there are plenty of quintessential British activities one can indulge in.

But between the crowds at Buckingham Palace and the lines at the London Eye, it can take forever just to see these sites. So why not book your accommodation in London and take a chance on less popular, seldom visited British sites?

As Beautiful as Palaces

London does not fall short in terms of scenic vistas. From the London Bridge to the Stonehenge, it has plenty of man-made structures to fill your social media feed. However, if you fancy a different site, then the Crossness Pumping Station may tickle your fancy. This pumping station was completed in 1865. It is now a Grade 1 structure that offers guided tours and open days to showcase its grand Victorian architecture.

London also has its fair share of outdoor beauty. However, as far as parks go, skip Hyde Park and go to the lesser-known Holland Park. It has a lot of hidden beauty and features like a winding path, statues, wildlife, and even an Opera House.

Weird, Wacky London

If you really want to take a trip off the beaten path, try heading to the Admiralty Arch. You will not be there to take pictures with the arch itself, though. The Admiralty Arch’s northernmost arch—towards Trafalgar Square—is home to a mysterious, life-sized replica of a human nose. Urban legends suggest that the nose was placed there by British artist Rick Buckley to protest the rising growth of anti-crime CCTV cameras.

Being a prominent participant in World War II, London also has its fair share of history. Along Tottenham Court Road, you’ll find a preserved air raid shelter that was also used as General Eisenhower’s base of operations for D-Day. It was so instrumental that one of the shelter entrances was named Eisenhower Centre.

A city as bustling as London has a lot of secrets. And if you take a chance, you will discover so much more in this beautiful city.