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3 Reasons Why an Office Garden Can Boost Employee Productivity

Sunny day at the rooftop garden
Posted: Oct 8, 2018 at 9:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A good company provides a healthy environment for their employees. When they do this, they can foster the health and well-being of their workers. Employees suffer from job pressure and exhaustion. They also face the daily stresses of work such as bad posture, daily commute to work, and computer screens. As a result, they may suffer from stress, strain, and boredom.

By providing a space where the employees can relax, such as a garden, you can help them feel better. In the long run, they will become more productive. Hiring commercial landscaping services in South County can help in this purpose. Here are the reasons why a garden in the workplace is important for employee performance.

1. Increase Productivity

A green space in commercial settings can enhance employee productivity, attitude, and morale. In fact, according to a study, employee productivity soars by 15 percent when there are plants in the workplace. Plants provide relaxation, and they can improve one’s focus. When they spend time close to plants, concentration improves by 20 percent.

2. Reduce Being Absent At Work

Employees become absent at work when they’re not feeling well or when they’re sick. Gardens in the corporate setting help reduce stress and pressure, reducing the occurrences of stress headaches. Also, employees working surrounded by plants are healthier because the air they breathe is clean. Plants clean the air and release oxygen for better lung health. Having plants will also reduce the risk of irritation, allergies, dry skin, and lung diseases, decreasing rates of absenteeism.

3. Help Decrease Stress At Work

Gardens and landscapes in the workplace reduce the stress felt by the employees. The company provides a place for the employees to have a break, think, relax, unwind, and enjoy. As a result, they have minutes off work to refresh the brain. This way, the employees will not experience stress and will have a reduced risk of developing anxiety.

When employees enjoy garden spaces at work, they will perform better, and in turn, the company will earn more.

Having a green space in the workplace can help in many ways. There are many benefits these plants provide to the employees as well as the company.