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Dream Home: What Exactly Do You Want?

Looking for your dream home
Posted: Oct 19, 2018 at 7:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The most basic advice real estate agents give future homeowners is this: Know what you want. Whether you’re buying a property or building one, you need to have a clear picture of what you intend your house to look like. Now, a lot of people have a dream house in mind, but once they’re challenged to describe it, they only throw vague descriptions, such as ‘a modern house’ or ‘a home near the lake’.

It’s important to pin down what exactly you want in a home so you can make better decisions. It will also help you in giving clear instructions to your real estate agent and builders in Townsville.

What Your Future Home Looks Like

Start listing down the features you want to see in your future home. The best way to do this is to have two sets of lists. The first set is your ‘non-negotiable list’. There’s a high chance, however, that you’ll be justifying every home feature as ‘non-negotiable’, so try to genuinely answer this question when considering each item: Can you live comfortably even without this stuff?

The second set is your nice-to-have list. This should include the ‘bonus’ items, say, a bay window at the kitchen or a wide foyer, the ones you can spend on when there’s still money left on the budget.

Where Your Future Home Is

How your future home looks is equally important as where it’s situated. While you’re envisioning the look of your home, you should also consider its location. You can change your windows and floors easily when you feel like they’re not working for you anymore, but your address? That’s much harder to change.

So take the time to think about the kind of neighbourhood you want to belong in. Are you more like a city dweller or a suburban resident? Do you prefer driving the kids to school or them walking on their own? These are important considerations when deciding on the location of your home.

How do you envision your future home? Don’t just keep it in your head. Try to catch it and pin it down in writing and you might be a step closer to that dream home.