Bull RidingBull riding requires courage, durability, and strength because of one reason. It is considered to be the most dangerous eight seconds in rodeo sports. Bull riders need reliable, trustworthy equipment that provides high-quality protection.

If you’re looking to buy your first bull riding gear, you’ll need spurs and spur straps, bull riding boots, gloves and thongs, gear bags, bull ropes, bull rope pads and toppers, bells and bell straps, chaps, and a rodeo vest. Make sure to go for high-quality products.

If you’re still unsure of what equipment to buy, here are some tips that can help you stay protected and good-looking while bull riding for the first time.


You’ll need a good pair of lace-ups or cowboy boots for ankle support. More importantly, you’ll need footwear to attach your spurs onto its heel counters and ledge (also called lip).

As a bull rider, you’ll need spurs to keep hold of a bull. A good spur should have leather straps and sturdy 5-point rowels. The most widely used style is the roller buckle style.


Gloves help protect your hands from rope burns. Leather gloves are the best type to use.

Expert bull riders, however, recommend applying glycerin first and then rosin on the leather gloves. Glycerin helps the rosin stick faster to your gloves, while rosin helps the gloves to stick faster to the rope.


The bull rope — regarded as an essential piece of bull riding equipment — helps a rider stay on top of a bull for the full 8-seconds. It includes a handle typically made of leather that is braided to the rope.

Bull ropes are commonly categorized as American or Brazilian, with the latter preferred by expert riders.

Protective Gear

Bull riding protective gear include the helmet, chaps, and rodeo vest. The chaps help the rider to move less while on a bull. The helmet and vest meanwhile, offer protection in case the bull tries to hook or step on the rider.

Remember, all your gear should be made of durable material.

water storage tank
You might think two million gallons of water would be sufficient for anything. However, communities grow, and disasters happen – and that means there is a need for more water storage.

Increasing the capacity of the tank presents more than one problem, however – including the expense and space. Where would the new tank go? In addition, the tank is already operating in the water system, and the infrastructure is already in place. Is it really possible to increase the tank capacity?

Before anything else, work with a water storage tank builder, as they can help you maintain the footprint of the tank. Make sure the tank undergoes API 653 inspection as well to ensure the newly renovated tank will meet the state regulatory requirements.

Prep the Tank for Modifications

If you have two tanks, make sure to perform the work one tank at a time — while one of the is out of service, store the water in the other tank.

Prep the tank by cutting the shell away from the bottom. Remove the exterior components such as the ladder, the manway, and the overflow pipe in the meantime as well.

Install New Tank Shell, Shell Plates

Next, replace the tank shell with a new, larger one. Don’t forget to give some attention to the columns supporting the tank roof, including the new column pads and extensions.

After welding the shell plates, add a new ring to the bottom of the tank, as well as a new door sheet and manway. If it is an aboveground tank, make sure the installation is performed according to the API 653 standards.

Finish with a New Paint Job

After completing the tank capacity expansion, finish with a new paint job. Go for a high-performance, industrial coatings that are designed for chemical and corrosion resistance and thermal insulation.

If you have two tanks, repeat the instructions on the second tank once the first one is put into service. Your water reservoir just got bigger.

Water storage tanks are the symbol of communities, and they should be able to provide clean water to meet peak demands. Fortunately, modifications are possible.

Volunteer WorkVolunteerism is good for both the volunteer and the community. It shapes your character and enhances your self-confidence. Your contribution further inspires other people to pitch in. One of the more popular choices for volunteer work is with t he Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps, or SAFVC. The uniformed volunteer scheme is open to women, new citizens between 18 to 45 years of age and first-generation permanent residents.

Challenging Training

The SAFVC choose from hundreds of applicants who want to contribute to the defence and security of the island nation. You will need to pass the criteria, submit an application, go through an interview and wait a few weeks for a medical screening. What this all means is that it is not easy to make it to the batch of suitable volunteers.

The challenge continues once you go into training. Some volunteers describe the two-week instruction as more challenging than expected. Naturally, the SAFVC training is not as intense as the programme for the men and women of service. But it’s still better to prepare for it, to ensure success at the end.

Here are some things you can do:

1. Be aware of roles in the Corps, and anticipate where you might fit in the organisation.

The SAFVC have nine roles across different areas, namely army, navy and air force. Your medical fitness and overall aptitude will determine your assignment. You can choose to switch to another role later one, for example, from air force volunteer you move to infomedia staff for the army, but this is still subject to an evaluation.

2. Prepare your body.

Maintain a fit and strong body. You will go through tough physical challenges during the training, from endurance drills to carrying load bearing vests and rifle through battle inoculation course. Prepare your body for such activities and you will fare better when the time comes.

3. Get to know fellow volunteers.

You can manage the physical and mental exhaustion when you reach out to other volunteers. Discover their stories and why they’re volunteering. Share notes on how to overcome every drill. And encourage each one during training.

4. Focus on the aim of your endeavour.

Finally, never lose focus on your aim as a volunteer. The drills and the military-like life for a couple of weeks may overwhelm you at times. But don’t let those stop you from making a contribution to Singapore’s defence and security.

The SAFVC is not your average volunteer work. It’s an honour, and a duty that every qualified Singaporean and permanent resident needs to consider. It’ll do you and the community a lot of good.

Facts about Psychology and PsychologistsEven if you have the necessary skills, qualities, drive and willpower, you still have to complete all the educational requirements. Look at these three eye-opening facts about having a career in psychology, and you will soon realise why it may be the best job for you.

The Pay is Good for those with an Outstanding Record

Of course, you need to make a living for yourself while doing what you like. This is one of the reasons you would want to practice psychology. Once you have completed your degree from a university in Singapore, especially those known for their credibility and high-quality educational system, James Cook University Singapore says that you have high chances of securing a job as quickly as possible. You do have to make certain you present potential employers with an outstanding record, so do your best academically.

A Number of Career Opportunities Await You

Psychology comes in many different areas of specialisations, with clinical and counselling being the two most common. You likewise have the option to focus on educational psychology, occupational psychology, neuropsychology and social psychology among several others.

This said, you should already realise how significant career opportunities are in this field. Add this to the fact that this branch of medical science continues to grow in Singapore, and you should see why becoming part of it will pave the way for a satisfying and fulfilling career.

You Make More than just Good Money – You Better the Lives of People

Psychologists deliver services aimed to assess, analyse, and treat disorders affecting a person’s behavioural, mental, and emotional health. They use this art and science to develop programs not only aimed to treat human problems and concerns, but also to promote and foster change.

At its core, becoming a good psychologist will make your life richer in more ways than simply a healthy bank account. Why not go for this career.

Home Office in WellingtonWith the surge of jobs that allow working from home, it now makes more sense to have a home office. Some employers allow their employees to work away from the office a few days a week. Others only hire freelancers who never go to the office.

You would probably prefer working from a coffee shop or at the beach, but that wouldn’t be practical if you had to do it every day. If you can do that, then good for you, but in case you have to work at home, you’ll need a place that offers privacy. Here are some pieces of advice.

Choose an Empty Room

If you have a room you never use, then you’re fine. All you need is for the Internet connection to reach that room, a desk and a chair and your laptop. What matters is you can close the door, so you won’t be bothered every two minutes by your kids.

Using the Garage

If you don’t have the luxury of an extra room, however, think about using your garage. This one, however, requires some converting. First, it must have enough space. It’s better if you don’t share it with a car. As the garage was not built for human occupancy, you’ll need to do some work on it.

Work on the walls and ceiling, as well as the door leading outside. They need some proper insulation. You may also need to install a window. You can’t work in the dark. It should have as much natural light as possible coming in.

Of course, now it needs a thermostat. You can use a portable heater or air cooler, but it’s better to ask Wellington electricians to install a proper heater and air conditioner. They can also install the outlet for your laptop and other appliances, such as an electric fan and a stereo. You may also want to put a coffee maker in there.

The good part about working from home is that you are never more than ten steps from your family. But there are temptations — TV, video games, slacking off with the kids during work hours — so it’s best to have a home office to help you manage your time at work.

Getting Mortgage Loan in OgdenGetting a mortgage loan in Ogden isn’t as tricky as you might think. Upon meeting the minimum qualifications, many banks and lending institutions will be happy to extend a loan to those seeking it. But, keep in mind that the interest rate of a mortgage loan may vary from one person to another, depending on the financial history of the application.

Here are some of the things your lender will definitely look at:

Current Employment

Your current employer will be a subject of scrutiny as they try to find out whether the company you are part of is stable.

Current Income

They’d also check in your income, especially since this will be a factor in how much you can pay per month. The rule of thumb is that your monthly mortgage payments should be at least 10 percent of your monthly income. This way, the lenders will be sure of your capacity to make payments.

Employment History

Applicants must have a stable employment history. You should not be jumping from one job to another nor have an extended idle time in between jobs. Since your employment would be the primary source of mortgage payments, the lender would want to be sure of your capacity to hold down a job.

Financial History

A major consideration is how you’ve paid or are paying existing debts. They’d need to know if you are prompt and have a good history when it comes to settling your liabilities. 

Other Assets

Other sources of income must also be presented to further convince the lenders of your excellence as a borrower. By showing them of your financial capability, it is more likely that a friendly interest rate will be extended to you.

The good news is that Ogden is home to many mortgage lenders so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your budget. With an excellent financial status, you should have the best pickings when it comes to a mortgage loan.

Roof Infestation in OregonA clean and well-maintained roof can enhance the overall appearance and appeal of your home. It may even increase the value of your home in case you want to put it on the housing market.

You may not realise it, but the roof of your house provides more than just a mere cover against outside elements. In fact, if you’re trying to sell your home, your roof can sometimes become the deciding factor on the part of the buyer whether to buy it or not.

Here are some of the reasons you should give your roof a lot of attention:

It’s the Crowning Glory of Your House

Your roof is probably the most important part of your house and is its most notable feature. Aside from protecting you and the rest of your house against harsh weather elements, it also defines the beauty of your home. This means that a dirty and unkempt roof could easily tarnish the overall effect of the entire structure.

Never Neglect It

If left unattended over a period of years, your roof can accumulate not only dust but also living organisms like moss, lichen and algae. These entities have the ability to damage the surface of your roof, penetrate it and seep into the wood framings which eventually cause it to rot. In a report featured in Branson Tri-Lakes News, when you’re standing at ground level and you see algae stains on your roof, it’s already an indication that real damage has begun.

Keep It Fresh and Clean

Keeping your roof clean can prevent algae, lichen or moss from growing and spreading. The added benefit is that a spotless roof can efficiently reflect the glare and heat of the sun. This will make your home’s interiors a little bit cooler as compared to a house with a dirty roof. According to the Oregon State University Extension Service, it’s worth your while to get rid of crops of lichen or moss to keep your roof in great shape.

DIY or Professionals

If you’re up to it, you can clean it yourself. Be careful though since cleaning your roof may not be as easy as it seems. You might want to ensure you wear the right clothing and that you’re properly harnessed so you won’t fall straight to the ground in case you slip. If you feel a bit uneasy about doing it yourself, you can always contact roofing professionals to do it for you.

Remember, a clean roof can prevent a host of infestations, such as fungus, algae, moss or lichen, from doing further damage to your home. So the next time you clean the interior and walls of your home, don’t forget your roof as it protects everything beneath it.

Concert in New ZealandAre you a music management student who needs to organise a concert for a major course? Are you part of a production team that focuses on musical gigs? Whatever your reasons for organizing a concert, the first thing you should know is that it is not just about getting the act on stage.

As you count down the days to a concert, the stress the logistics and operations team goes through skyrockets. The success of the performance relies on your team’s ability to smooth out all the technical bumps beforehand, after all. To ease those stress levels, here are a couple of reminders for the team that works hard behind the scenes to make the concert a success.

Secure the Venue

Concerts in music halls, theatres, and arenas or stadiums are relatively tame compared to outdoor gigs. If you or your client plans to have an open-air concert, Superfence recommends getting in touch with contacts in the temporary fencing industry. You will need barriers to secure the site, the attendees and, of course, the act.

Test Out the Equipment

Once you have finished setting up the stage and the site layout, test the microphones, speakers, instruments, background videos and lighting. The act will rehearse days or even hours before the show, so you need to have the equipment ready and operating smoothly beforehand. This prevents technical difficulties during the show that could send the entire crew in a panic backstage.

Additionally, you might be planning a fireworks display. It is, after all, quickly becoming a popular event ender, from Coldplay concerts to the Paralympics. Make sure that you have a license from the Environmental Protection Authority guaranteeing that the products are safe and that the people who will operate it are qualified.

When you’re in charge of setting up before a concert, you’ll have every little detail swimming in your head until you go to bed. Hopefully, these reminders can help keep you and the entire crew from losing your heads as the day gets nearer.

RodeoThe number of people losing their lives due to Rodeo competitions has increased over the years. Sadly, this has resulted from an upsurge of people flouting the rules set by event organizers. While caution has been the order of the day in ensuring that, these rules are followed to the latter, little success has been achieved in making things right. This article contains some of the safety measures that contestants and spectators are required to follow to avoid such unnecessary accidents.    

1. Safety Gear

The need for Rodeo protective vest and other safety gear has never been as important as it is nowadays, says A.A. Callister's. With most bull riders willing to go the extra mile to do tricks never attempted before, proper safety gear has become vital for the sport. Research has shown that proper safety gear has had a huge impact in reducing the death rate in the sport, thus, everyone is encouraged to be fully suited when attending the event.  Other safety equipment includes a mouthpiece, sports bra, spandex shorts among others.   

2. Warm Up

It has also been discovered that doing your stretches before getting on a bull will definitely prolong your life.  Warming up your body prepares it for any strenuous activity that may come after.

3. Position Yourself

Poor sitting position is also risky. Confirm from a competent rider whether you are sitting properly on the bull before attempting anything. Preferably, inquire from someone who is familiar with the sport be it a contestant or an official especially when you are a novice rider.  

4. Follow the Rules

Lastly, it is important to read the Rodeo Safety Rules. The IGRA rules are essential for your personal safety and that of the animal as well. Make sure that you read the rules that are specific to the event that you are considering taking part in.  

Make sure that you do thorough research before purchasing Rodeo protective gear. Look at independent review websites to get a good idea of what the company has to offer. 

Foreign Student in UAEThe oldest university in the United Arab Emirates began to accept international students to enroll in undergraduate courses for the first time.

The UAE University embraced the change as it seeks to have a diverse student population ever since its foundation in 1976. For foreign students wanting to study abroad, especially the UAE, Prof Mohamed Albaili said the change present several advantages.

One of these benefits involves an improvement academic learning among local students through their increased interaction with non-Emirati enrollees. Those who wish to enroll may apply for courses in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Science, College of Education, and College of Business and Economics, according to the university.

Top of the Class

Applicants will face a strict screening process for their enrolment application. In case of a person’s equal credentials for a particular course, the university will base its preference for their enrolment on student grade averages in subjects, which make them qualified for enrolment in a certain college.

Aside from better interaction with different cultures, Albaili said the change would also help in eliminating stereotypes among students. Of course, money also serves an added benefit with the expected increase in enrollees.

International students in the country pay at least 288,000 United Arab Emirates dirhams for a four-year humanities degree, while a four-year engineering course amounts to as much as 441,000 dirhams. The UAE University plans to use the extra income from international students for the improvement academic programs and facilities among others, according to Albaili.

Honor Roll

Experts have welcomed the UAE University’s announcement with positive feedback. Edu Alliance Director and co-Founder Senthil Nathan said the change would stimulate healthy academic competition.

However, Nathan also stressed the importance of limiting the number of foreign students as much as possible and maintaining Emirati students as the school’s priority based on its mandated purpose.